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New marijuana law takes effect in Atlanta

A new marijuana law has taken effect in Atlanta, Georgia, recently and many believe that there are some areas of concern even though the law itself is quite clear. The new law reduces possession of less than an ounce of marijuana to a simple fine that does not come with a criminal conviction or jail time.

With the passage of the new law, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana has been decriminalized. Offenders will now face a fine of $75 and will not have to spend time in jail. They also will not have a criminal conviction on their record. Community service will not have to be served either if found in possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. With all of the changes, you will have to do less for this crime than when hit with a speeding ticket.

Georgia shoplifting laws create harsh penalties for theft

Many people see shoplifting as a victimless crime. They walk into a retail establishment, hide something or change out price tags, and then leave the store. Sometimes they pay a fraction of the actual price of the item. Other times, they don't pay anything. The retailer has to factor this kind of loss or shrink into one's overhead, effectively passing the price of stolen goods on to consumers.

In extreme cases, where a store has faced regular and expensive shoplifting, businesses may have to invest heavily in security personal and equipment. In other cases, businesses could end up destroyed by accumulating petty thefts. Everyone involved with a business suffers when it closes, which is why the criminal justice system in Georgia takes shoplifting offenses seriously. Those accused of shoplifting could face criminal penalties, in addition to gaining a criminal record.

The drunk driving defense of rising blood alcohol levels

If you drink several beers quickly, it may take some time before you are too drunk to drive. That's because your body will need to process the beverage through your stomach, and you will not feel the effects of the alcoholic beverage immediately.

It's because of this scientific fact that DUI lawyers sometimes use the theory of "Rising Blood Alcohol Concentration" to defend their clients against a drunk driving charge.

A look at virtual visitation for child custody arrangements

Coming to an agreement on child custody arrangements can be quite difficult for parents, even if they've seen eye to eye previously on related topics. Possibly the most difficult aspect of the situation is determining which parent will have physical custody, which leaves the other parent with visitation rights. One method growing in popularity that is relieving some of the difficulty is virtual visitation.

Virtual visitation is exactly what you think it is; virtually spending time with a child. This can be done using phone calls, video calls, emails, text messages, chat apps and other forms of technology. This method works well for parents who have hectic work schedules, were awarded visitation rights, travel often or are struggling with not seeing their children on a daily basis.

Why should I hire a criminal defense lawyer?

Why should I hire a criminal defense lawyer? This is an excellent question and one that we are asked quite often by prospective clients. A criminal defense lawyer brings so much to the table that representing yourself in court just doesn't make sense even though it is well within your rights.

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle provided by a criminal defense attorney is their knowledge of the law. You cannot dispute this. A lawyer will have a much more intimate knowledge of the law than you will have. This is nothing against your knowledge at all. When your freedom is at stake, it's best to have someone representing you who knows what to look for in the legal code.

Important conversations to have prior to tying the knot

As you prepare to walk down the aisle, it's important to have open and honest conversations with your future spouse about the marriage. Having these discussions, some of which can be difficult, will help you see how the other person views different topics. Here are some important discussions you should have with your future spouse before saying "I do."

One of the most important discussions to have centers around the finances. Who will work? Will both of you work? Who will handle the money? Is your future spouse a spender? Do you like to save? An honest discussion about the finances can save quite a bit of heartache from fighting in the marriage.

Choose: A jail cell or the hurricane?

With the arrival of Hurricane Irma, some law enforcement officials are taking an unnecessarily brutal tack.

A sheriff in Winter Haven, Florida, views the storm as an opportunity to flush out criminals -- a kind of sting.

Selling or giving away prescribed medication is a crime

Maybe you were in a car accident, or maybe you had to have your wisdom teeth removed. Your doctor prescribed you pain medication, which you didn't finish. Now, your friend is offering you $20 per pill for your unused medication. It may sound like an easy way to make money and help someone out. In reality, you're breaking the law and could face criminal charges as a result.

Similarly, if you take other medications, from Viagra to ADHD medication, there is a secondary market for your prescription pills. That market, however, is an illegal black market, and you could end up paying a price for your choice.

Don't ignore the tax implications of your divorce agreements

The next tax season is a long way off, so if you're going through a divorce, the tax implications may not be uppermost in your mind. However, an experienced family law attorney will ensure that you consider the impact of the decisions you make on your taxes.

It's always a good idea to consult a tax professional as well as a financial analyst before, during and after your divorce. Following are just some of the issues that could impact your taxes next year and in the future.

Helping your children feel comfortable in both parents' homes

When parents divorce, they want their children's lives to be impacted as little as possible. Of course, there will be changes. A significant change is often the fact that they are splitting their time between their two parents' homes.

Whether your kids spend an equal amount of time in both homes or they're only in their non-custodial parent's home only on weekends and vacations, it's essential that they feel comfortable in both places.

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