DFCS Removal Actions

When the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) has reason to believe that a child has suffered physical abuse, neglect or sexual abuse, the agency can initiate a removal action by filing a petition in court. If the court grants the petition, the child will be removed from the home and placed either in the home of a family member or in the care of foster parents. If DFCS determines that the child is in immediate danger, it can seek the immediate removal of a child by obtaining a temporary order. Or it can choose to leave the child in his or her current home pending the outcome of a juvenile court hearing.

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When It Involves Children, The State Has Immense Power

DFCS removal actions can be based on real evidence, or based on unsubstantiated or even wild assertions made by family members, neighbors, teachers, health care workers or other parties. Parents caught in this situation often feel that they are victims of an overbearing bureaucracy that cares little about the child and is driven to strip parents of their rights.

Georgia places the safety and health of children first, above the rights of parents.

Burns Law Group, PC, will fight for your rights and for your child. We will vigorously represent you in the hearing for the removal order, seeking to prevent the removal of your child.

Though the juvenile court hearing is civil in nature, in many ways it is like a criminal trial. Family law attorney J. Daran Burns has years of experience in criminal court. He will collect evidence in your favor, challenge the assertions of DFCS and other witnesses and fight for your rights every step of the way.

Talk With Us Before Talking With DFCS

Overzealous social workers can make your life hell. They may try to interview you in your home or at work, but in reality they are seeking information they can use against you. You should politely decline to talk with them without the presence of your lawyer.

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