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Helping protect the futures of teens who make mistakes

There is no question that today's teens are under immense pressure. In addition to managing their classes and homework, they have to juggle extracurriculars, work and, of course, various social engagements with both family and friends.

It can quickly become overwhelming and understandably lead many teens to look for outlets to blow off some steam or, in certain circumstances, rebel against their many responsibilities.

While this rebellion is often relatively harmless in the long run -- breaking curfew, neglecting chores, spending too much, etc. -- it can sometimes cross over into destructive or even criminal behavior.

For example, teens who find themselves in this situation might give in to peer pressure, and drink a beer or try smoking marijuana. Similarly, they might shoplift, engage in vandalism or get into a physical altercation with a classmate.

While incidents like these are often the result of otherwise good kids having momentary lapses in judgment, the reality is that law enforcement doesn’t always see it this way and will proceed with criminal charges.  

At Burns Law Group, PC, we firmly believe that teens shouldn't see their futures -- college, military service, gainful employment, etc. -- comprised because of a single mistake they are unlikely to repeat.

That's why we are committed to providing all of our juvenile clients with a strong defense designed to protect their freedom, their prospects and their reputation. Whenever possible, we strive to work with local officials -- prosecutors, social workers, etc. -- to reach solutions focused on rehabilitation and second chances.

To learn more about how we can put our more than two decades of experience to work in these matters, please visit our website.

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