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You can aggressively fight criminal charges

If you're been accused of a drug charge, you know that your case is going to be taken very seriously. The prosecution may try to prove that you were doing things you weren't, too. For instance, if you were using marijuana outside a school, the authorities may try to prove you wanted to sell to children, making your charge more serious than it should have been.

With your attorney, you can fight these charges. Your attorney can work with you to make sure your case is handled in an unbiased manner. Drug possession itself, for instance, makes it illegal to have drugs on your person, but possession is charged and penalized differently than if you're accused of distributing or manufacturing drugs for sale.

The good news in any case is that the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were selling or making a drug for distribution. The prosecution must also be able to prove you were taking a drug. So if, for instance, you were found with marijuana in your bloodstream but no drugs on you, you may be in a position to argue your innocence.

Being caught with drug paraphernalia is also an issue in Georgia. You can be charged simply for having lighters and a bong, for instance, even though you can purchase them from stores individually and not for use. If you're facing charges, you should learn what you can about your case before you go to court. Our website has more about what you can do to prevent a conviction or to lower your risk of penalties.

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