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Georgia police officers needs strong defense to confront felonies

In a case that brought national attention to the state, a Georgia police officer was indicted and must answer to charges based on his involvement in the shooting of a civilian. The civilian, a retired Air Force veteran, was not wearing clothes and was unarmed at the time of his death. Felonies are serious accusations that typically result in severe consequences when a conviction is obtained. It is likely that the police officer is now working with experienced criminal defense counsel.

For the first time in five years, a Georgia police officer will face charges after the fatal shooting of a civilian. He was indicted by a grand jury of aggravated assault, felony murder, making a false statement and violation of an oath taken by a public officer. The defendant turned himself in to authorities following the incident, which sparked national outrage and protests.

The shooting occurred after law enforcement was called to an apartment complex on reports of a naked man crawling on the ground and acting deranged. When the officer arrived on the scene, the naked man charged at him. The prosecution claims that there are no witnesses who would confirm that the use of deadly force was necessary to respond to the incident.

If convicted of felonies, a person will face serious repercussions. This may include jail time, fines and a myriad of other consequences in a person's personal life. When charged with a serious crime, an individual typically benefits from the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. This officer has not yet been convicted of any crimes and is presumed innocent in the eyes of the law, but he would be wise to take steps to protect his rights.

Source: CNN, "Georgia officer indicted in fatal shooting", Ralph Ellis and Ashley Fantz, Jan. 21, 2016

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