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Lawyers who understand what is at stake in drug crime cases

When a person finds themselves behind bars on drug-related charges, they will inevitably ask themselves how exactly they got there. Did their enduring struggle with addiction finally catch up with them? Were they in dire need of money? Did a colleague ask them to purchase or hold the substance? Was there a mistake by law enforcement?

In the end, how they got there doesn't matter nearly as much as what they are going to do moving forward. That's because a conviction on drug crime charges -- possession, distribution, manufacturing, trafficking, etc. --- can result in very serious consequences, affecting your freedom, your bank account, your reputation, your family life and your future.

Given the gravity of the situation, those facing drug crime charges would be best served by securing legal representation as soon as possible. However, it's important that the legal representation they secure is not just skilled and experienced, but also committed to getting results and providing personalized attention during these otherwise trying times.

At Burns Law Group, PC, we have been providing comprehensive and dedicated legal representation to those facing drug charges in Cherokee County and the surrounding areas for over two decades.

What this means is that we not only know how to fight to have the charges against you reduced or even dismissed altogether, we also know what it takes to prepare a strong case exposing the weaknesses in the government's case.   

Furthermore, we also know that in many cases what you need is not to spend months or even years behind bars, but rather to spend time securing treatment for the longstanding addiction that has perhaps led you down the wrong path.  

To learn more about the services we provide in drug crime cases, please visit our website.

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