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Program offers opportunity to clear misdemeanor warrants

Those in Atlanta who are facing the penalties that accompany a warrant for a misdemeanor need to be cognizant of the various options they have to settle the issue. A misdemeanor charge might not sound like a major problem, but if it is left unchecked it can evolve into one. A traffic ticket is an example.

Residents who did not appear in court on the date in which they were ordered to do so now have the chance to receive amnestyf there was the threat of arrest for failure to pay traffic tickets or other misdemeanors. The program is available until May 13 and is for for any person who was cited for a minor traffic violation or a code violation prior to January 2015 and failed to appear.

The goal of this program is to clear cases. They can take time and cost money for the authorities to enforce the warrants. With that in mind, the amnesty program will reduce these cases to a large degree. It will also benefit the person who was issued the warrant. So far, people who were cited for driving without a license and for having a number of unpaid parking tickets have benefited from the amnesty program by having their fines reduced and warrants dismissed.

People who are confronted with warrants for failing to appear at misdemeanor hearings might be unaware of this program. Others might fit into a different category with a misdemeanor that goes beyond a simple traffic violation. What is important is that those who are faced with misdemeanors of any kind seek assistance in dealing with the situation by consulting with an experienced attorney.

Source: Fox 5, "Warrant Amnesty Program," Denise Dillon, April 6, 2016

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