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June 2016 Archives

The benefits of plea bargains in the criminal justice system

Plea bargaining has been an accepted practice within the Gerogia criminal justice system for decades. The judicial system is accepting of plea bargaining as a practice because of the principle of judicial economy. This simply means that, in the interest of justice, courts try to resolve cases efficiently and quickly.

Man indicted in deaths of Georgia college students

A man and the company that owned the truck he was driving at the time of a deadly crash on April 22 were both indicted in that crash. The wreck that took place on Interstate 16 caused the deaths of five Georgia Southern students who were on their way to clinical rotations as part of their nursing program. According to authorities, the driver was going 68 miles per hour when he collided with the car in which the students were riding.

Intention features strongly in some types of crimes

There are several options when it comes to mounting a defense against Georgia criminal charges. One involves several ways of framing the intentions of the defendant. Ignorance of the law, also referred to as a mistake of law, almost always fails, but other defenses are possible under the mens rea doctrine. These arguments may involve the defendant's lack of intention or "guilty mind".

Life sentenced handed down for habitual DUI/DWI offender

Recently, there was a national story about a man sentenced to life in prison for pleading guilty to DWI/DUI. At first read, it might seem like a rather extreme consequence for a drunk driving charge. The severity, however, is due to the fact that this is not his first, or even third, conviction – he’s a nine-time offender.

Man could face death penalty for priest's death

A 28-year-old man in Georgia was indicted on May 25 for malice murder and other criminal charges including false imprisonment and aggravated assault. Prosecutors are reportedly seeking the death penalty for the alleged murder of a St. Augustine priest. The priest's body was discovered in a wooded area of northeast Georgia after the accused man led investigators to the site on April 18.

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