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The benefits of plea bargains in the criminal justice system

Plea bargaining has been an accepted practice within the Gerogia criminal justice system for decades. The judicial system is accepting of plea bargaining as a practice because of the principle of judicial economy. This simply means that, in the interest of justice, courts try to resolve cases efficiently and quickly.

For judges, plea bargains provide a benefit by helping them to manage their court schedules. Many more criminal cases are filed than could ever possibly be accommodated by court calendars. Allowing plea bargains helps judges to clear cases rather than waiting years for trials to be scheduled. This helps to reserve time on the court's schedule for cases in which plea offers are not warranted as well as for those in which defendants have strong defenses to the charges lodged against them.

Plea bargaining also benefits prosecutors by allowing them to clear out cases that are weaker while concentrating on those that are more serious. The possibility of plea bargaining provides a benefit to defendants as they may be able to secure pleas to lesser charges or sentences that do not involve prison or jail time.

A person who has been charged with a criminal offense may want to get help from a criminal defense attorney who can provide advice about whether seeking out a plea agreement or instead fighting the case through trial is in the client's best interests. If attempting to obtain an agreement is advisable, the attorney will strive to obtain the best possible outcome, which could involve a plea of guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a reduced penalty.

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