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November 2016 Archives

Battery charges can hinge on intent

Performing unlawful physical contact is called a battery. The physical contact is usually made without the consent of the victim, to threaten or harm them. The defendant can be found guilty of a battery charge even if there was no ill intention towards the plaintiff. It is important to understand the role of intent in battery charge cases. Intent could define whether the defendant is found guilty of the crime or not.

If you're a father in a custody battle, please read this

The age old question “why to women win most custody battles” has vexed fathers for decades. The age old answer to that question has likely been “because that’s how it’s always been.” Traditionally, men have gone to work to make a living and provide for the home, where women commonly stayed to raise the children and keep the home.

What to do if you are served with a restraining order

It may seem obvious, but family court judges in Cherokee County take allegations of domestic abuse very seriously. After all, the effect on children who are victims of domestic abuse or who witness such abuse can be quite severe. It is possible for them to carry emotional and psychological harm for much of their lives and end up dealing with subsequent issues that may come from dealing with such pain in the wrong way.

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