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What to do if you are served with a restraining order

It may seem obvious, but family court judges in Cherokee County take allegations of domestic abuse very seriously. After all, the effect on children who are victims of domestic abuse or who witness such abuse can be quite severe. It is possible for them to carry emotional and psychological harm for much of their lives and end up dealing with subsequent issues that may come from dealing with such pain in the wrong way.

Because of this, judges are going to be particularly protective of children in toxic (i.e. high conflict) and abusive situations. Further, they are less likely to be sympathetic towards a parent who does not show that he (or she) is putting the child first and is not acting in their best interests. 

As such, if you have been threatened or served with an order for protection, or a no-contact order because of domestic abuse, it is critical that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Such an order can be violated without you knowing it, and such violations carry criminal penalties that can have lasting effects beyond the criminal justice system. It is possible that violations of protective orders can be considered by family court judges in determining what type of custody and parenting time (if any) you may be entitled to.

In conclusion, being served a restraining order is a serious matter, and it may prompt a strong emotional response. But taking the time with an experienced attorney to understand the legal ramifications is important.

The preceding is not legal advice. 

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