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Court-ordered mediation helps Uma Thurman settle custody battle

Of all the topics over which couples fight during a divorce, child custody may be the most contentious. For most people, their children take precedence over any property division or spousal support issues. And for good reason; at the end of the day, family is what matters most.

Statuary rape in the U.S.

Having sexual relations with someone who is underage is called statuary rape. There is a certain age at which the law allows individuals to consent to having sex, which is called the age of consent. Most states have defined their own age of consent, and prosecute defendants depending upon whether they had sex with someone below that age.

How to successfully file for divorce

Divorce is never easy, even if you were unhappy in the marriage. A marriage that is recognized by the court of law can only be terminated through a legal process. The divorcing partners must find a way of solving issues related to joint assets and debts, child custody, and visitation rights. Before filing for divorce, you must be legally separated from your spouse.

Prenuptial Agreements – are they right for you?

Whether you were married for one year or 50 years, divorce is never easy. It is often one of the most trying times in your life; one of the most emotionally charged events that you will ever go through. It is very personal to each couple, and no two situations are the same. There are ways to mitigate stressful divorce issues. One such way is to have a prenuptial agreement put in place prior to marriage.

Who awards custody in a divorce?

When we enter into the union of marriage, we don’t think about the possibility of divorce. In fact, just the opposite, that it will never happen to us. That we will stay together forever and we begin to plan our long future together. This dream often includes having children and watching them grow up to be healthy, happy adults together. However, life is unpredictable, and a host of circumstances can lead us to decide to divorce. What if you have children, who decides who gets custody?

Child Support Payments and Arrears

As a single parent with the responsibility of a child, it’s easier to take each day as it comes, keeping the thoughts of child support pushed to the back of your mind. When your financial resources are enough to support the household, sometimes it may seem easier to forgo unpaid child support. Even if you struggle financially, it can often feel as though post-divorce modifications to child support arrangements are too time-consuming and difficult to undertake.

How to Handle Criminal Charges in Cherokee, Georgia

When someone mentions the word crime, most people think of extreme felonies like murder, robbery, and rape. We often disregard other misdemeanors such as speeding in an automobile, lying to the police about your personal details or even going to some premises whose owners warned you against returning. Owing to the diversity of situations which fall under crimes, criminal defense is a core component of almost all lawsuits. There are uncountable actions that you can do unknown to you that you are committing a crime. In Cherokee, you can find all legal definitions of the word crime in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.).

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