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Child Support Payments and Arrears

As a single parent with the responsibility of a child, it’s easier to take each day as it comes, keeping the thoughts of child support pushed to the back of your mind. When your financial resources are enough to support the household, sometimes it may seem easier to forgo unpaid child support. Even if you struggle financially, it can often feel as though post-divorce modifications to child support arrangements are too time-consuming and difficult to undertake.

As the months pass and the delinquent payments pile up, days go by where you may not even think about the money. However, there are numerous avenues available to you to help ease the burden of tackling the modification of divorce documents on your own. Let's face it, extracurricular expenses and medical needs are only some of the numerous expenditures single parents deal with. Electricity, food, water and basic toiletries are all increased by a third which is why it is crucial that both parents follow arrangements agreed to in the divorce settlement. 

Failure to pay child support can also lead to tension between the parents which can cause stress on the family and the child. Even when parents don’t feel the need to push for missed child support payments, pre-determined arrangements should be awarded. Taking legal action can help you claim the money that will benefit your entire family.

Even if the money is considered surplus, putting it towards future emergencies, childcare and education expenses can ensure a successful financial future. The decision to take legal action to obtain late child support payments or seek child support modifications is up to you. Seeking legal counsel experienced in the area of Family Law can help you receive the least stressful resolution to child support agreement modification and enforcement. 

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