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How to Handle Criminal Charges in Cherokee, Georgia

When someone mentions the word crime, most people think of extreme felonies like murder, robbery, and rape. We often disregard other misdemeanors such as speeding in an automobile, lying to the police about your personal details or even going to some premises whose owners warned you against returning. Owing to the diversity of situations which fall under crimes, criminal defense is a core component of almost all lawsuits. There are uncountable actions that you can do unknown to you that you are committing a crime. In Cherokee, you can find all legal definitions of the word crime in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.).

Life becomes very stressful when you or a loved one is facing criminal charges. When an officer comes to arrest you, the first thing he or she informs you is about your right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney. This statement should be an eye opener that you need to hire a lawyer to represent you. You should exploit these fundamental rights to avoid unforeseen complications to your case. You can think that you will successfully free yourself only to utter words which worsen the situation.

After the arrest, you will be booked in to await bond. An experienced attorney advises you on the kind of bond you are likely to get so that you can start making the necessary arrangements. You can be granted one of the following bond types.

  • A cash bond: You receive a refund upon the conclusion of the case.
  • A property bond: Your family can provide the deed of ownership as collateral.
  • Services of a bonding company: In this scenario, you pay an agreed percentage of the bond to the bonding company, and they provide the total bond owed.

After settling the bond, you and your lawyer will begin to fight against the charges. A criminal defense lawyer must be laser-sharp in understanding criminal law for him or her to lay down unsurpassed representation strategies. The process takes diligence in gathering crucial evidence including what the prosecution may have left out. A skilled lawyer's interpretation of the law can mitigate or acquit you of all the criminal charges.

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