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Statuary rape in the U.S.

Having sexual relations with someone who is underage is called statuary rape. There is a certain age at which the law allows individuals to consent to having sex, which is called the age of consent. Most states have defined their own age of consent, and prosecute defendants depending upon whether they had sex with someone below that age.

Statuary rape is different from all other types of rape. It does not involve the use of force to start sexual relations. Underage participants might consent to having sexual relations with the adult. But in eyes of the law, anyone who is below a certain age cannot comprehend what they are agreeing to. This means that sexual relations become a crime even if the underage person has given consent. If force has also been used, the prosecution might add further charges in the hopes of getting a guilty verdict.

The penalty for statuary rape depends on two important factors: the age of the victim and the age difference between the two people. If the victim is of a particularly lesser age, the perpetrator might be charged with a first-degree felony. But if the victim is older yet still below the age of consent, the charges might differ. The age difference between those involved plays a major role in determining the penalties for the offender as well. A large age difference means the defendant is likely to be charged with multiple felonies. Some states have created 'Romeo and Juliet' laws for cases in which both the victim and defendant are below the age of consent.

Being charged with statuary rape might have severe consequences. You might have to spend several years in prison. Even when you get out, the charges will follow you for the rest of your life. You may want to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your case and come up with a defense strategy.

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