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April 2017 Archives

3 arrested on drug, gun charges in Cherokee County

On April 10, Cherokee County law enforcement agents arrested three individuals in Woodstock on a variety of drug and firearms charges. The arrests came after sheriff's deputies received a report that a man was in a car in parked outside of a Woodstock home, apparently passed out.

Felony drug charges in Georgia need a rigorous defense

The state of Georgia takes drug law enforcement very seriously. If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance or possession with intent to sell, the penalties could change your life. There are myriad reasons why an innocent person could be facing these very serious charges. Maybe you were borrowing a friends' car and didn't know what was in the trunk. Law enforcement could have considered you guilty by association because someone you were with was carrying a large amount of a controlled substance.

Easing parenting time transitions for your kids

Parenting time transitions can be some of the most difficult parts of a newly-separated or divorced parent's life. One part of you may be a bit relieved to hand over the single parent responsibilities, even if for a day or two. However, giving up your kids to your co-parent (particularly if the break-up was less than amicable) can be heart wrenching.

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