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May 2017 Archives

If divorce is a possibility, protect your financial security

If you are considering divorce or you believe that your spouse may be, it's never too early to begin getting your financial house in order. Failing to do so can cost you dearly during and after a divorce. Even if you and your spouse end up staying together, everyone can benefit from taking some steps to be more knowledgeable about your financial situation and help ensure your financial security with or without a spouse.

Understanding legal custody, physical custody and parenting plans

Georgia, like most other states, recognizes a difference between legal and physical custody. It's important to understand the terms before you make any custody agreements because Georgia's custody laws don't make it easy to alter the arrangements once they've been set.

Georgia man convicted for falsely claiming Purple Heart

A former Georgia police officer has been found guilty of a number of charges related to a false claim that he was awarded the Purple Heart for being injured in a military exercise. The Canton man could be sentenced to five years behind bars for each of five charges of making false claims. These were made both to the Cherokee County tax commissioner and the county sheriff in order to get special license plates free of charge. He could also receive five years for one count of theft by taking. The jury found him not guilty on another theft charge.

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