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How to make joint custody easier for both parents

Being granted joint custody by the court, or coming to an agreement on your own, is a big step in a divorce or child custody battle. Sharing custody of your child jointly with the other parent is an option with which many parents are uncomfortable. Then there are those who know they can make it work but need a little help.

Here are some tips for making joint custody easier for both parents.

A custody agreement has nothing to do with the parents. The divorce involved you and the other parent. The child custody issue only deals with the children. They are to be protected as much as possible. You should not view getting custody of your children as winning a prize. If you do, you will come to find that your children are unhappy with the situation.

Both parents need to be realistic about the time they have available for custody. You both need to take a long look at your schedule and commitments with work and other activities. Do not forget about these commitments when fighting for custody of your child. You don't want to give up parenting time for other activities.

Always remember that being a bad spouse does not mean that person will also be a bad parent. This is important, especially when you are fighting for custody. If you were angry at how your former spouse handled the relationship, don't let it affect their ability to parent.

Are you dealing with child custody issues in Canton? You can have all of your questions answered by an experienced family law attorney so you know what to expect in a child custody battle.

Source: Parents, "9 Rules to Make Joint Child Custody Work," accessed Dec. 01, 2017

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