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The consequences of aggravated assault

Aggravated assault is generally defined as a type of assault that is much more serious in nature than simple assault. Many people believe that the definition of aggravated assault is an assault that involves a weapon. While an act such as this can be defined as aggravated assault, other acts such as an assault that takes place in the personal space of the victim can also qualify.

If you have been accused of aggravated assault, it is important that you understand what the elements of the crime are so that you can adequately defend yourself. You should know the key factors that can upgrade a charge from assault to aggravated assault.

The person who was assaulted

The identity and status of the person who was assaulted can alter the seriousness of a charge. For example, in many states, certain professionals such as teachers or police officers have higher protections from assault. This will mean that a person who assaults a police officer will likely face charges of aggravated assault.

The use of a dangerous weapon

If an assault involved a weapon or the threat of a weapon, it can then be considered aggravated assault. For example, if the victim was threatened with a gun or even a baseball bat, it can be classified as such. Of course, it is not a crime to hold a baseball bat. However, if someone is threatened with it, there will be consequences.

If you have been accused of assault or aggravated assault, the consequences could affect your entire life. Therefore it is vital that you understand the law regarding the offense and take responsibility for your future.

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