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What are the penalties for extortion charges?

When you are accused of extortion, it means that there is reason to believe that you have made a threat toward someone or their property, or lied to them, in return for financial gain.

Extortion can occur in many different circumstances. It could mean that you have made a false statement of circumstances, such as the party owing you money, in order to gain money from them unjustly. It could also be done by intimidating them or making them feel concerned enough to hand over money to you.

What are the types of forces that make a crime extortion?

Extortion is always related to the quest for financial gain. But the means that the offender uses to attempt this financial gain can differ widely. It can be through the damage of the victim's property, violence, threat of harm to his or her reputation or a government-related consequence as a result of not giving money.

What are the consequences of being found guilty of extortion?

Extortion is taken very seriously across the country, and is considered a felony in all states. This means that jail time is very likely as a result of a conviction.

What are the defenses to extortion?

In general, there must be proof that a threat was made to either the victim or the property of the victim. If this cannot be proven, then a case for extortion is likely to be unsuccessful.

If you have been accused of the criminal act of extortion, you must take this extremely seriously. Make sure that you research the area thoroughly so that you understand how to proceed.

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