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Winning custody for Georgia families

Child custody disputes, when unresolved for a prolonged period of time, can become something of a battle. But this should not be how child custody procedures work: the ultimate goal should be what is in the best interests of the child.

It most circumstances, the courts in Georgia want to rule for joint custody, as long as neither parent provides a danger or risk to the child. If you are wanting to file for full custody, it is important that you become familiar with the Georgia child custody laws if you are to be successful in your case.

Understanding how to gain full custody

It is common for parents to start in their child custody filing by attacking the other parent, trying to argue that he or she is unable to be a fit parent, and that the individual possibly presents a danger to the child. While any danger or risk that is presented to the child in question will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly, it is important to remember that there is a higher burden of proof for the intentions of the parent filing for full custody. In other words, you cannot only attack the other parent, but you must also show that you would be a great parent.

You can show that you are a great parent by providing proof of the way you enable a good routine for your child, a sense of security, and by showing that you invest in their personal growth through extra curricular activities.

If you are struggling to gain full custody of your child, it is a good idea to assess the strategies that you are taking in court.

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