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What can I do if my ex defies a court order?

If you're a newly-divorced Georgia resident who is struggling to get cooperation from your ex, it can be maddening if he or she repeatedly thumbs the nose at court orders for visitation or spousal or child support. Your frustration with your ex's flagrant disregard for the law should not lead you to consider taking any illegal actions, however.

While the wheels of justice do seem to turn slowly, the family law court is the only appropriate venue to address these matters. Allowing your temper to get the better of you will only land yourself in legal hot water. It's always to your advantage to remain solidly on the side of the law.

Allow the court to address the non-compliance

We're not talking about isolated instances where the child support may have been a day late or a dollar short. To take the step of filing contempt of court charges or asking for a modification of the support orders, there should be strong evidence to substantiate your allegations.

The same is true of any request for enforcement. In other words, the breach should be serious and ongoing, not just a one-off issue due to unforeseen circumstances occurring.

No one has the right to defy a lawful court order signed by a judge. Unless the matter is legally addressed in the proper manner, the courts have no way of knowing that one party to a legal case is non-compliant with the court.

Nobody likes to be dragged back into court to hash out something once believed to be resolved. However, if you want the problem to be fixed and your ex to be held accountable for flouting the law, this is the route you must take.

Source: Live About, "What To Do When Your Ex Defies A Divorce Court Order," Cathy Meyer, accessed April 27, 2018

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