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Reviewing violent crimes in Canton

Violent crimes are a part of society. These crimes will never go away, even with the strong presence of law enforcement in the Canton, Georgia, area. There are various types of violent crimes that people can be charged with, which is why we will take a look at those crimes in today's post. Not all violent crimes actually have to involve violence either, just the threat of it.

Robbery is a very common violent crime because it typically involves the use of a weapon. The weapon might never be brandished or even used against the victim, but just knowing that it is there instills enough fear to make it a violent crime. Robberies are usually accompanied by a gun, knife or other object that can inflict damage or pain.

Another violent crime is one that involves sexual activity. Rape and sexual assault fall into this category. Any sexual crimes involving minors will be charged as felonies. These sex crimes are considered violent due to the forceable nature involved from the suspect.

Carjacking also falls into the violent crime category. Most carjacking attempts involve the use of a weapon in order to get the victim to comply. Some attempts become extremely violent or even fatal if the victim fails to comply with the suspect.

As mentioned earlier, not all violent crimes actually need to involve the physical act of violence in order to convict. If the suspect simply threatened violence, it can be considered a violent crime.

As you can see, violent crimes cover a wide area of activity. The more serious crimes are charged as felonies. Be sure you know the law and your rights if you are ever facing criminal charges involving violent crimes in Canton.

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