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Taking action after a false domestic abuse accusation

It can be upsetting to be accused of domestic abuse by a partner or an ex partner, and it will likely make you worry about your future, as well as your future relationship with your children.

There can be many reasons why a person might make a false claim of domestic abuse. One example of a false allegation of domestic abuse is when an argument breaks out between two people. As a result, one accuses the other of committing domestic abuse, when he or she has actually misinterpreted the definition of domestic abuse under the law.

Other reasons could be a person accusing the other of domestic abuse out of revenge, for example, when the accused has been unfaithful but not abusive. Finally, many people sadly make false domestic abuse allegations because they know it has the potential to influence child custody arrangements.

How is domestic abuse defined under Georgia law?

Domestic abuse is a type of violence that takes place between people who have a domestic relationship. Therefore, it is a broad term and could mean anything from the persistent abuse from a wife toward the husband, or it could be a case where a father is violent toward his son. It also includes instances of violence or harassment in situations where two people share accommodations but are not in a romantic relationship or classed as family: for example, student housemates.

How can I fight a false domestic abuse claim that is made against me?

First of all, the most important way to form a defense is to gather as much information as possible in relation to the accusation. Based on what types of actions you have been accused of, you may be able to prove that this did not occur by providing an alibi or showing that there is simply a lack of proof. You may also be able to give a true account of what took place to show how your actions were perfectly reasonable.

If you have been accused of domestic violence in the state of Georgia, it is important to take action immediately so that you can defend yourself adequately.

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