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Understanding aggravated assault charges in Georgia

Aggravated assault is a very serious crime, and therefore, in the state of Georgia, it is treated accordingly. It is severely punished when a person has been successfully charged with the crime.

However, many people get accused of aggravated assault falsely, and it is important that they are equipped with the right information so that they can defend themselves appropriately. It is useful for those accused of aggravated assault to first understand the definition of the crime.

What is aggravated assault?

While a simple assault is a physical attack on another person without a weapon and in a neutral place, an aggravated assault is an attack that was more serious in some way. Factors that can increase the seriousness of an assault under the law include the perpetrator having a weapon, causing serious or grievous injury, being in a position of power or responsibility in relation to the victim or having malicious intent.

How does the intent of the perpetrator affect the charge?

The factor that distinguishes simple assault from aggravated assault does not necessarily need to be a particular action such as the use of a weapon, but it can simply be intent. If the courts have proof that the perpetrator had the intent to seriously cause harm and that it was calculated, the assault may be charged as an aggravated assault.

If you have been accused of aggravated assault in Georgia, it is vital that you take it very seriously and take the time to understand all aspects of the law. You should also take quick action in order to defend yourself.

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