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Man faces 4 years in prison after assault

If you participate in a violent crime, there is always going to be a risk that you'll be arrested and put in jail. Not all cases are the same, and there are ways to defend yourself. However, the way you present yourself to the police, the judge and others will make a difference to your case.

Take, for example, this case involving a Georgia man who was accused of throwing Vienna sausages and choking a woman. A July 2 report states that the man, 26, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault charges after he choked a woman who was staying at the Roberta Inn in April. Shortly after that, he threw a brick at a witness' car, shattering its window.

This wasn't the first time the man was in trouble with the law. In February, he'd thrown a can of Vienna sausages at a truck and threatened to beat passing teen boys. The media reported that the assistant district attorney called the man a menace to society.

In situations like this, a long past of unusual crimes can be viewed very poorly by the judge and court. This time, the man received a four-year sentence and another six on probation.

For anyone who commits a violent crime or is accused of one, a strong defense can make a big difference. The right story to explain your actions can help protect you and prevent your reputation from being damaged by others such as the media or prosecutors. It's in your best interests to devise a strong defense as soon as you can.

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