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Divorce rates have fallen: Why?

Millennials get a lot of blame for things in society. Let's give them credit for something, though. The divorce rate in Georgia and the United States has fallen over the past few years, and researchers have pinpointed millennials as one of the main reasons why.

A University of Maryland researcher said the country's divorce rate fell by 18 percent between 2008 and 2016. And this has a lot to do with millennials, the researcher said, largely because they are better prepared for marriage in a number of ways.

The researcher also said millennials are more "selective" when it comes to marriage and also more financially stable when they get married. They also believe in living together before they marry.

"If these young people make it into their 40s without divorcing, their odds of staying together only increase," he told HuffPost. "It looks like the next generations to come up behind the Baby Boomers aren't going to adopt their divorce-prone ways."

A psychotherapist in California told HuffPost that there is less of a stigma these days when it comes to staying single for a longer time.

"Many of my clients tell me there's no way they'd want to settle down any time before their late 20s or 30s," she said. "Marriage is a conscious choice that they are making and feeling good about."

"Waiting to partner up -- or not partnering up at all -- seems to be much more widely accepted, and even encouraged, in this generation," she said.

Another study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers also found more millennials are seeking prenuptial agreements before marrying.

Divorce is never easy, and this is an encouraging sign that more people are committed to staying in their marriages. Divorce, however, isn't going to go away. There will continue to be couples who feel ending their marriages is best for them either individually or as a pair. If that's the case, a Georgia lawyer who is experienced in divorce cases can help.

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