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Facebook and infidelity: A clear link?

You already know that a lot of people cite infidelity as a main reason for divorce. Someone cheats on someone else and they can't fix the marriage when the truth comes out. It's a common theme in the movies and in real life.

But how does that cheating happen? Some divorce experts note that Facebook -- and social media, in general -- causes or facilitates a lot of these problems. Social media helps people connect, but those connections are not always so innocent.

For instance, one spouse may reconnect online with someone that they dated in college. That relationship takes off again, and soon they're talking all the time. Eventually, they plan to meet up in person. It quickly turns back into the romance that it was 15 years before.

It's not that these situations didn't happen before social media, but they weren't as easy. People lost touch with each other and had no way to get back in touch again. Now, with everyone online, they do.

In addition, there could be a deeper problem in the marriage that really makes that spouse turn to Facebook in the first place. Perhaps he or she feels unhappy with the marriage. Facebook provides a momentary break or a way out. They start thinking about past relationships, wondering if they'd be better than the relationship they have now, and Facebook gives them a chance to pursue it.

Divorce happens for many reasons. Social media is just one factor. No matter why your marriage ends, you need to know all of the proper legal steps to take.

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