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Forensic science isn't delivering just results in the courts

Since most people in the United States get their idea of how forensics are used through television dramas, it's small wonder that many assume forensic analysis is always pure science, totally above-board and infallibly correct.

In reality, it's far from any of those things. Forensic science includes fingerprint analysis, DNA evidence, drug testing, blood alcohol content (BAC), bite-mark evidence, hair strand analysis and other types of evidence routinely used in court as "proof" of someone's guilt or innocence. It all relies on a combination of science and analysis. The science part is often shaky, at best. It's far from exact and may rely on machinery that gives suspect results. The analysis is often colored by the so-called expert's own biases or aspirations.

Time and again, legal communities and court cases have been turned upside down by revelations that there were widespread problems with machinery used in forensic testing -- or even bigger problems with those doing the testing. The latest incident came out of New Jersey where some 20,000 breathalyzer tests had to be invalidated because the machines were never calibrated. The person responsible for calibrating the machine lied and claimed to have done it. Thousands of defendant, however, had already suffered the indignity of being convicted.

However, that was just one incident. Nationwide, there have been similar incidents almost everywhere you care to look. In 2009, the United States National Research Council issued a report that questioned the validity of nearly every crime lab in the country.

What does this mean for the average criminal defendant? Simply put — don't allow the supposed "evidence" in a case drive your decision to take a plea or fight the charges against you. It has become incredibly apparent that the forensic system often doesn't deliver the promised results.

For information specific to your criminal case, talk to an experienced attorney to discuss your options.

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