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Have you been charged under Georgia's '3 strikes' law?

There's a criminal law in Georgia that takes after the game of baseball. It's called the "three strikes legislation." Georgia isn't the only state to have a law like this on the books. Three strikes legislation relates to sentencing for violent felony crimes. Essentially, it works like this: If a criminal defendant has two prior convictions for violent felonies, a third violent felony conviction will result in a lifetime sentence to prison.

Lawmakers can achieve great success while campaigning for office with the promise of putting three strikes laws in place. Often the voting public sees this legislation as a clearcut and easy solution to a crime problem. However, implementing a three strikes law like this might not be clearcut or easy to do at all.

Many have argued that three strikes legislation targets certain racial demographics and minorities more severely than others. They say that these laws have resulted in Georgia prisons being inundated with minority inmates. Therefore, these unjust policies often have the opposite effect of promoting "justice."

Some defendants have tried to argue that three strikes laws violate the "gross disproportionality principle," which requires the punishment to fit the crime. They say that these laws can result in highly unfair levels of punishments that are not in proportion to the actual violations that were committed.

Are you in danger of being sentenced under the three strikes criminal law in Georgia? This is a very serious matter that you need to approach carefully. Our law firm can help you get a better perspective on your legal rights and options.

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