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Father denied new custody trial after high-profile divorce

Parenting is already hard enough when a couple can agree on how to guide a child's development in tune with their own relationship. But things can get far more difficult and far more litigious when parents disagree or separate into different homes and lifestyles. Children may find themselves conflicted after adults make decisions that affect them deeply.

Mistakes that can derail your divorce

Generally, when most people marry, they do not have divorce in mind at the moment they say "I do." However, divorce is very common in Canton and throughout the rest of the country. Like with most tasks, there is a right way to divorce and a wrong way. For example, posting on social media about a big raise you are getting, the lavish vacation you took or simply trashing your soon-to-be ex-spouse can cost you big time when you sit down at the negotiation table.

Does divorce harm your children?

One of the biggest things parents worry about when considering divorce is whether or not it is going to harm their kids. In some cases, parents in an unhappy or even abusive marriage stay together specifically because they don't want to risk it.

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