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Drafting a parenting plan in Georgia

When you first start considering the possibility of a divorce or when you take the first steps of action in divorce proceedings, one of the first things that you are likely to consider is your kids and their future. Every parent wants the best for their children, so they want to ensure that they have a stable upbringing and do not suffer from the divorce.

How to make joint custody easier for both parents

Being granted joint custody by the court, or coming to an agreement on your own, is a big step in a divorce or child custody battle. Sharing custody of your child jointly with the other parent is an option with which many parents are uncomfortable. Then there are those who know they can make it work but need a little help.

How not to handle child custody during the school year

Divorcing parents should always do what is best for their children. The same goes when child custody issues come to light during the school year. School is stressful enough for kids when dealing with making friends, passing tests, writing papers and more. Here's how divorcing parents should never handle child custody issues during the school year.

A look at virtual visitation for child custody arrangements

Coming to an agreement on child custody arrangements can be quite difficult for parents, even if they've seen eye to eye previously on related topics. Possibly the most difficult aspect of the situation is determining which parent will have physical custody, which leaves the other parent with visitation rights. One method growing in popularity that is relieving some of the difficulty is virtual visitation.

A new school year can necessitate parenting plan changes

Summer is a good time for divorced parents to re-evaluate their custody agreements and parenting plans. As your kids prepare to start a new school year, you may need to make adjustments.This may be necessary if they're attending a new school for the first time (such as transitioning from middle school to junior high), if they'll be involved in any new sports or extracurricular activities or if there are simply changes that would be best for them.

Consider changes when crafting a parenting plan

You and your spouse are splitting up, and you're working on a parenting plan for your children. It seems easy, in some ways. You just consider your schedules, the kids' schedules and what needs to be done to make everything work. You've been doing this as a couple, anyway, so now you just divide the duties.

Understanding legal custody, physical custody and parenting plans

Georgia, like most other states, recognizes a difference between legal and physical custody. It's important to understand the terms before you make any custody agreements because Georgia's custody laws don't make it easy to alter the arrangements once they've been set.

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