Just What Does a Georgia Grand Jury Do

Grand jury proceedings in Georgia are used for capital cases, which involve crimes like murder, rape, or kidnapping. In order to get an indictment prosecutors have to present the case in front of a grand jury. In Georgia, this is consists of 16-23 jurors randomly selected citizens within the county where the crime is being tried.

Grand Jurors are enlisted for a specific amount of time and meet to consider several cases. For a case where you are charged with a capital crime, the jury listens to the evidence presented and has to decide whether there is probable cause with the evidence presented. Defense does not show evidence during the grand jury hearing. It is up to the prosecutors to present the evidence a crime has been committed by the defendant.

Unlike a trial jury, the grand jury decision does not have to be unanimous – it only requires a vote of 12 or more of the jurors. Also not all 23 have to be present, just 16 have to be there to hear the case. Grand jury can vote to support the indictment which will make the case go to trial, or they vote the evidence was not convincing and no charges will be brought against the defendant.