Selling or Giving Away Prescribed Medication Is A Crime

Prescribed medication is only intended for the individual for which it was prescribed. Any person who takes a drug not prescribed to them is committing an illegal act. Possessing a drug prescribed to someone else is also illegal. Even if you offer your friend a drug that would help them out both parties can be arrested. The intention to distribute the drug is illegal too. The best way to avoid a potentially illegal situation is to not hold, or consume a drug that has not been prescribed to you specifically, and to avoid situations where the intention to distribute is questionable.
What happens if you had not read this article and are arrested on the basis of this crime? Amount of the drug, what the drug is, and who is charging you with the crime will affect the penalty for the crime. Depending on the drug and the means of getting or distributing the drug, your charge could be a little as $1,000 in fines or up to 30 years in prison. Prosecution by the federal government tends to result in more jail time than a drug charge prosecuted by the state.