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Face felony charges head-on instead of hiding

Felony charges can impact you for the rest of your life, especially if you are convicted. Upon conviction of a felony, you are facing the branding of being a felon forever unless you are fortunate enough to qualify for an expungement. Launching a successful petition for this, which isn't very likely except in very limited circumstances, should not be something on which you depend.

What will a criminal defense attorney do for me?

Being charged with a criminal offense in Georgia is scary. You have no idea how the case is going to play out even if you've been charged in the past. Facing criminal charges does not have to be the end of your freedom as you know it. A criminal defense attorney will know how to handle your case and the steps to take to defend the charges against you. So, what will a criminal defense attorney do for you?

How police officers conduct criminal investigations

Committing a crime never has to be the end of the road for you and your freedom. There are different ways for you to defend yourself in against criminal charges. In order to mount the correct defense, it's best to understand how police officers conduct criminal investigations in Canton, Georgia.

Dealing with voluntary manslaughter charges

United States law divides murder and homicide crimes into different categories. Defendants are charged according to the type of homicide crime they have committed. Voluntary manslaughter is the killing of another person in the heat of the moment. The basic difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter is that of intention. For the prosecution to press voluntary manslaughter charges, the situation before the killing should be emotionally and mentally disturbing for the defendant. If the judge is not convinced, the defendant may be charged with first or second-degree murder.

Statuary rape in the U.S.

Having sexual relations with someone who is underage is called statuary rape. There is a certain age at which the law allows individuals to consent to having sex, which is called the age of consent. Most states have defined their own age of consent, and prosecute defendants depending upon whether they had sex with someone below that age.

Man indicted in deaths of Georgia college students

A man and the company that owned the truck he was driving at the time of a deadly crash on April 22 were both indicted in that crash. The wreck that took place on Interstate 16 caused the deaths of five Georgia Southern students who were on their way to clinical rotations as part of their nursing program. According to authorities, the driver was going 68 miles per hour when he collided with the car in which the students were riding.

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