10 Things To Include In Your Parenting Plan

Custody First thing the plan needs to include is which parent has custody for each child. There will be legal custody, which is who makes the decision for the child. This can be either sole custody or joint custody. Physical custody is where the child will live. This can be solely with one parent or…

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Georgia Shoplifting Laws Create Harsh Penalties For Theft

What is shoplifting in Georgia? Shoplifting is often perceived as just taking products from the store without paying for them, while this is true, there are other forms of shoplifting just as likely to get you arrested. The following are situations where you could be arrested for shoplifting: Concealing or take possession of goods or…

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The Dangers of Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are shown in many TV shows and even used in some forms of fighting, but are these weapons appropriate to have in your everyday life? When used to attack someone, these weapons can be very dangerous and can break bones. Because brass knuckles are so dangerous, they’ve been banned in most states. Interestingly,…

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