Under arrest does not mean the same thing as guilty.

People who have been arrested for DUI/DWI often think they have no options. They believe the evidence is heavily weighted against them and all they can do is plead guilty or possibly no contest. You have rights and options.

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It is not illegal to drink and drive in Georgia — it is only illegal if you drink too much. We are not afraid to question whether police made mistakes in your case.

Protect Your Future, Protect Your License

A conviction for a DUI charge can result in long-lasting consequences. In addition to any formal sentence, it can affect your job opportunities and even child custody rights. We will work hard to get your charge dismissed or reduced — or to win a not guilty verdict at trial — so you can keep your license and protect your future.

Since our law office was established in 1993, we have developed a reputation as honest attorneys who know how to get things done. We will be straightforward with you, and we will get results.

There are many defenses we will explore to get you the results you need.

  • Did police have a right to stop your vehicle? If not, we want the charges dismissed.
  • Were you driving someone else home, as a Good Samaritan, at the time you were pulled over?
  • Was the breath or blood test compromised? If so, we want this evidence thrown out.
  • Did police make errors when conducting field sobriety tests? Can this highly subjective evidence be trusted by the court?
  • Is this arrest your first run-in with the law? We want your good driving record to be considered.

As experienced lawyers who know the local court system — and the major players in it — we know how to handle these cases the right way, including cases involving vehicular homicide and injury. We would be happy to help you with yours.

Timing Is Critical. Get Your Case Review Now.

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