Child Molestation

After an arrest for child molestation, there may be many questions needing answers.

Could the child be lying? Is he or she being manipulated by a parent into making false allegations? Is the child just seeking attention and sympathy? Or did you do something that still falls far short of the definition of the crime you are charged with?

Whatever the facts in your case, you face the fight of your life. Prosecutors in Georgia aggressively seek convictions in child molestation cases, and upon conviction, you could face a lengthy prison sentence and lifetime listing on the sex offender registry.

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Aggressive Advocacy By An Experienced Defense Attorney

J. Daran Burns has obtained numerous not guilty verdicts in sex offense cases, including cases involving child molestation and aggravated child molestation charges.

Our founder, J. Daran Burns, has earned a reputation throughout North Georgia as a hard-charging defense attorney.

These are some of the keys to his success:

  • J. Daran Burns leaves no stone unturned in the defense of his clients.
  • He has handled hundreds of jury and bench trials, including a large number of cases involving sex offense charges.
  • Burns Law Group, PC, has access to professional resources that can aid in your defense such as private investigators and forensic evidence specialists.
  • J. Daran Burns is a fighter, and he will do everything possible to win your case.

Have You Been Contacted By The Police?

Usually, child molestation charges come only after a lengthy investigation. If you have been contacted by a detective or police officer, then the police suspect you of a crime and they are looking for evidence to arrest you. You may think that you can resolve the matter by answering a few questions. But even simple and noncommittal answers on your part could be all the police need to justify criminal charges.

You should politely decline to answer any questions without the advice of a lawyer. Then you should call Burns Law Group, PC, at 770-956-1400 as soon as possible. We can advise you concerning your legal defense options. If necessary, we can begin building your defense.

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