Defenses to Homicide

Defenses to Homicide

The potential legal defense strategies to criminal charges requires a strong knowledge of law, a thorough understanding of case facts, and an ability to create a compelling argument that places the accused on the right side of the law.

As your criminal defense law firm you will benefit from a team of defense specialists. Our defense lawyers, investigators, para-legals, expert witnesses, and experienced staff can create and manage a solid defense.

Ideally, we can intervene immediately after an arrest and manage to stop the prosecutor's office from bringing forward any charges.

If charges are filed, we will intervene to have the charges dismissed or reduced. If the prosecutor's office is determined to aggressively pursue charges we will continue to negotiate for dismissal, a plea arrangement, or represent you in a jury trial.

We commit ourselves to providing our clients with the best possible defense represenation our decades of legal experience can bring to bear on the situation.

Legal Defense Strategies in Georgia

There are numerous established strategies and arguments to fight criminal charges. While every case has it's own unique circumstances, and prosecutors attitudes vary, here are some of the top reasons your case can be won without a lengthy battle.

Innocence is the absolute strongest defense for any criminal cases where you've done nothing wrong. Indifferent policing, false witnessing, planted evidence, and other bogus factors can be disproven to have charges dismissed.

Violation of Miranda Rights and related errors in the arrest process can cause all charges to be dropped and your case dismissed.

Violation of Constitutional Rights is a powerful defense when the circumstances warrant such a claim. United States Code, Title 42, Section 1983, makes it unlawful for law enforcement officers to deprive someone of thier Rights under the U.S. Constitution or Federal laws. This specifically includes, malicious prosecution, excessive force (brutality), and false arrest.

False Arrest, relative to law enforcement, is based on law enforcement officers having acted without authority, justification, or beyond their lawful powers.

Self Defense / Stand Your Ground laws are legal reasons to use actions that would otherwise be considered criminal acts.

Coercion, Duress and Abuse may be applicable if aggressive interrogations, deprivation of needs, threats, intimidation or similar means are used to affect a forced confession or deny your access to counsel.

Denial of Right to Counsel After an arrest you have the constitutional right to not answer questions and request to speak with a lawyer. If you verbally cite this decision the police are obligated to end their interrogation (however, they can and will use anything you voluntarily say to anyone at any time).

The Castle Doctrine which is a centuries-old established legal concept that a person has a right to protect their home from an intruder by any means.

Evidence Problems are somewhat common with police and prosecutorial procedures. Chain-of-custody flaws, faulty lab tests, unverifiable relationship of evidence to the person arrested, illegally obtained evidence, and planted evidence can create the grounds to dismiss your case.

Mistaken Identity by an eyewitness or victim happens in numerous arrests, sometimes leading to an unjust conviction. Establishing an alibi, proving you were not at the scene of the crime or otherwise incapableof committing the crime of which you are accused.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cherokee County GA

If you need a top criminal defense attorney in Georgia you need to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Bring us your legal dilemma and put our defense experts to work on creating a compelling defense strategy.

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