Adopting A Relative? Get The Experienced Legal Help You Need.

People choose to adopt a relative for many reasons. Often, something happens to the parents such as a death, illness or addiction and they can no longer care for their children. In these cases, it is fortunate when a family member can step up to help. However, even if you are related to the child that will be adopted, the adoption process can still be complicated.

In these cases, you need an adoption attorney on your side that can help you navigate the complexities of relative adoptions. The Burns Law Group, PC, helps families in and around Canton, Georgia. Our firm was established in 1993 and serves families throughout North Georgia. Our knowledgeable adoption team, led by attorney Jennifer Davis, works hard to turn complex cases into positive results.

The Adoption Process Can Be Complex

Adoption has many steps, even when you’re adopting a grandchild, niece, nephew or other relative. To proceed you can expect to go through the following steps:

  • Obtain consent for the adoption
  • Undergo a home study
  • File an adoption petition with the court
  • Go through the court process

This process can be difficult without the right legal representation. You need an experienced lawyer to help you get through it efficiently and swiftly so you and your family can move on with your new lives. The lawyers at Burns Law Group, PC, are experienced in handling complex adoption cases such as relative adoptions. We have a great reputation for helping families through the adoption process – including agency adoptions and stepparent adoptions – and will work diligently to get you the best outcome possible.

Let Us Help You With Your Relative Adoption

Many times, the reason you are adopting a relative is a distressful one. The child has lost their parents, or a parent has been incarcerated or is struggling with addiction. The last thing you need during a time like this is a long, drawn out adoption process. You need a lawyer who can work through the details of the adoption so you can focus on caring for your new family member.

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