Contested Child Custody/Child Relocation

The potential loss of your child custody or visitation rights can be devastating. With the stakes so high, you need strong and effective representation.

At Burns Law Group, PC, we are trial lawyers with a reputation for getting results. We are experienced in collecting evidence, formulating arguments and advocating for our clients in the courtroom. These are the capabilities that lead to success in contested child custody cases.

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Burns Law Group, PC, has extensive experience in cases involving proposed child relocations and other contested child custody matters. We understand the law and how courts in our area view such matters.

When it is necessary in support of your case, we can retain the services of experts such as child psychologists, child development specialists and other professionals. The findings of these professionals can make the difference in contested custody cases.

Proposed Child Relocations

A parent with custodial rights may wish to relocate with a child for a number of reasons such as a new job or better educational opportunities for the child. The noncustodial parent who has visitation rights may lose the opportunity to participate in the child’s upbringing.

Georgia law does explicitly set a distance that would require court approval for a relocation. It only requires that the custodial parent provide 30-days notice before the move. If the nonrelocating custodial parent wishes to contest the child relocation, he or she must then file a petition in court.

Whether you wish to relocate with your child or you wish to prevent such a move, Burns Law Group, PC, can represent you. A child custody fight can be highly stressful and emotionally draining. We will work tenaciously to protect your parental rights and achieve your goals.

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