What to Do Before You File For Divorce

Planning for divorce has many benefits. Taking a proactive approach can remove some of the anxiety of the divorce process, and place you in a stronger position when your divorce becomes final.

At Burns Law Group, PC, we believe that an informed client can play an important role in the legal process. To that end, we take the time to explain the sequence of events in a divorce, and provide other assistance to people making important decisions that will shape their lives.

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Seven Things To Do Before You File For Divorce

These are some of the things you should consider doing before you file for divorce.

  1. Learn about the divorce process — Knowing what will happen and when can dispel much of the uncertainty that lies ahead. One of our lawyers can explain the Georgia divorce process and provide you with other important information.
  2. Get financial account numbers or make copies of account statements — While this information can be obtained later in the process, getting this information right away can spare you the costs of discovery.
  3. Do not dispose of or transfer marital assets without the knowledge of your spouse — Doing so could be seen as marital misconduct by the court, and adversely affect the size of your divorce settlement.
  4. Don’t run up credit card balances or incur other significant debts — You may be tempted to “punish” your spouse in this way, but judges take a dim view of this type of behavior. Besides, you could end up having to pay these debts anyway, sooner or later.
  5. If necessary, arrange for other accommodations — Some couples can continue to live under the same roof even during the divorce process. For others, this is impossible.
  6. Think about how you will tell your children about the divorce — Your attorney at Burns Law Group, PC, can provide guidance. There are numerous resources online and the public library that cover this topic. You may also wish to speak with your minister concerning this subject.
  7. Reach out to family and friends — These people can provide the support that can help you deal with the emotional turmoil that can accompany divorce.

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