Domestic Violence

Charges involving domestic violence and violations of a protective order are punished more harshly than many other misdemeanors. A felony domestic violence charge carries the real possibility of prison time if you are convicted. In addition to fines, possible jail or prison time and a criminal record, you will lose your gun rights.

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Every Domestic Violence Case Is Different

A domestic violence charge often begins when a neighbor overhears a commotion. Sometimes, a family member or significant other can make a false claim of violence. And in other cases, there is an element of truth to what a complainant says, though it could be exaggerated. The truth is, every domestic violence case is different — and every case has defenses.

Our law firm will build your case from the ground up. We will investigate the facts, develop an appropriate defense strategy and work hard to build a strong and effective defense for you.

Mitigating The Consequences

Our law firm has deep roots in Canton and Cherokee County. We know the players in the courthouse and the district attorney’s office and how to make compelling arguments that make sense to judges and prosecutors. We are also familiar with the social service resources that are available in our region. If we cannot obtain the outright dismissal of the charge against you, we may be able to mitigate penalties you suffer. For example, your participation in an alcohol rehab or anger management program could enable you to get the help you need, and keep you out of jail. We will do everything we can to help you deal successfully with the underlying problems that led to the criminal charge.

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