Experienced Legal Help For Stepparent Adoptions

Depending on your situation, stepparent adoptions can be relatively simple compared to other types of adoption, or they can be more complicated. Some parts of the adoption process are often waived, which simplifies the process. However, if a birth parent does not agree with the adoption, then the case becomes complicated. Either way, you should work with an attorney that is experienced in handling these types of adoption cases.

The legal team at Burns Law Group, PC, has been serving clients in and around Canton, Georgia, since 1993. We are very experienced in handling all types of adoption cases — including both the “easy” and complex ones. Our compassionate adoption attorneys, led by Jennifer Davis, recognize these cases can be sensitive, emotional and life-changing for all involved — and we will work to get you the best possible outcome in your adoption case.

The Adoption Process For Stepparents

A stepparent adoption is different from other types of adoptions. Often, because the stepparent lives with the child, the waiting period and home study investigation are waived. This generally speeds up and simplifies the adoption process, provided that the biological parent consents. In some cases, such as when the biological parent is deceased, consent is not even necessary.

However, if the biological parent refuses to consent to the adoption, it can complicate the process. In this case, you will want to look at terminating the rights of the biological parent. This can be done in several ways:

  • Proving abandonment because the absent parent has not communicated with or financially supported the child
  • If the absent parent is male, proving that he is not the presumed father

A highly skilled lawyer at Burns Law Group, PC, can help you explore these options and uncover the best action to take in your case. We have worked with clients on many different complicated adoptions – including stepparent adoptions, relative adoptions and agency adoptions – and we look forward to helping you and your new family, too.

The Legal Help You Need

We know these cases can be difficult and emotionally charged. Even if a parent has been absent for much of the child’s life, giving up parental rights doesn’t always happen easily. Our goal is to find the best outcome that provides stability and security for your family. We have helped families in North Georgia for almost 25 years.

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