Helping Grandparents Enforce Their Legal Right To See Their Grandchildren

Folk wisdom says that a grandparent’s job is to spoil the kids, then send them home. But when that “home” isn’t intact, or is otherwise problematic, grandparents need to step in to ensure the children’s safety. In other cases, grandchildren may be unfairly kept away from their grandparents.

That’s where an experienced team of lawyers can help protect grandparents’ rights. At Burns Law Group, PC, we assist Georgia-area families throughout greater Canton with a wide range of family law issues. For grandparents trying to navigate the unfamiliar territory of custody and visitation issues, our team — which has been assisting Cherokee County families for over a quarter of a century — is adept at getting the best results through mediation, negotiation and trial, when necessary.

Understanding Grandparents’ Rights In Georgia

Each family crisis is unique, but clients are often relieved to find that laws are in place to protect their rights as grandparents, as well as minimize family tension in the process. In Georgia, several laws are in place regarding grandparent rights:

  • Grandparents may seek visitation rights if one or both of the parents is unfairly keeping the children away from them
  • Grandparents can pursue custody when they feel the children’s best interests aren’t being served with their current situation
  • Grandparents are allowed to join an action to legally advocate for another party, whether it’s to help their own son or daughter in challenging a co-parent’s custody or visitation status, or to help a third party gain custody or visitation rights

However, the regulations in Georgia for both petitioning for and being awarded visitation rights are complex, while the standards for awarding grandparents custody are even more rigorous. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced family law attorney guide you through the process.

How To Get Started

Determining what Georgia deems “reasonable visitation” rights can be complex. Courts weigh factors such as whether the children’s parents are living under the same roof and if the grandparents have been financially supplying basic needs or shelter in the recent past. Of course, these issues can all be grey areas in court — as can custody matters.

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