How A Guardian Ad Litem Can Change Your Life

Sadly for Georgia’s children and wards, adults don’t always serve their best interests. When a minor’s parents betray their trust or existing legal mechanisms fail them, the court may appoint a legal guardian, also known as a guardian ad litem, or GAL.

The attorneys and support staff at Burns Law Group, PC, are proud to act as responsible legal guardians for those who remain vulnerable to unhealthy circumstances. Our lead guardian ad litem attorney, Jennifer Davis, firmly believes in giving back to the community we serve, and it all starts with protecting the interests of minors and others who lack the capacity to protect themselves. By providing reliable representation for these groups, our probate team can help them establish firm legal footholds in a society that far too often overlooks their needs.

How Do GALs Help Families?

Legal guardians fulfill a variety of roles in cases involving Georgia’s children. In addition to offering essential representation in the courtroom, they work outside of the judicial environment by undertaking critical tasks that help officials determine what’s in a protected person’s best interests. GALs may:

  • Monitor or observe a family environment
  • Investigate past abuses and interview witnesses who might have seen such incidents
  • Advise courts about how and whether to award visitation and custody rights
  • Make sure that parents, guardians and other parties adhere to formal court orders

Being a GAL is a rigorous process that goes far beyond what many people expect from a typical lawyer. This mission may be tough, but we’re firmly committed to protecting Georgia’s most at-risk populations by any legal means necessary. Whether you suspect that juveniles have been neglected or believe they simply deserve protection from the emotional rigors of their parents’ separation, we’re always ready to come to your aid.

What Should You Look For In A Guardian Ad Litem?

Being a legal guardian is a massive responsibility that demands an attorney who understands the particular distinctions that make your case so special. In some cases, it even helps to ensure that your relative’s guardian ad litem has prior experience with legal domains such as will writing, probate and estate administration.

Although a minor child that you care about may have gone through hard times in the past, they don’t have to continue suffering. Talk to a lawyer at Burns Law Group, PC, today. Contact us online or call our office in Canton, Georgia, at 770-956-1400 to ask us about the benefits of appointing a knowledgeable GAL.

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