Mediation That Helps You Do What’s Right For Yourself And Your Family

Although the media portrays divorce as a process that inevitably involves drawn-out courtroom disputes, couples aren’t doomed to fighting things out in back-and-forth trials. For many individuals, alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, offers the ideal opportunity to resolve matters on their terms instead of engaging in intense battles and hoping that courts will miraculously take their side.

Relationships that start off happy don’t always end the same way. At Burns Law Group, PC, our goal is to help couples navigate the twists and turns along the path. Our team has worked hard to not only establish our firm as a reliable source of representation but also to gain experience in the processes that make mediation effective. The Georgia couples we serve may have diverse needs — from family law concerns to personal injury and other civil law matters — but we’re always committed to helping them solve problems outside the courtroom.

How Can ADR Help?

If family courts and state laws exist to handle tasks like allocating property and negotiating child custody arrangements, then why do so many people turn to alternative dispute resolution? Unfortunately, going through the judicial system isn’t guaranteed to be the most effective or painless way to solve conflicts. Handling things out of court may be a better means of:

  • Devising fair property sharing and alimony terms
  • Discussing sensitive issues amicably
  • Preventing children from having to suffer through emotionally trying arguments
  • Limiting the legal fees associated with divorce

For mediation to function properly, it’s essential that each party has competent, independent representation. Our attorneys take immense pride in bringing couples that once shared common goals together again to work for their mutual gain. By serving as a knowledgeable, dependable go-between, we remove negative emotions from the equation so that you can feel confident about your decisions.

Making Resolution Stick

ADR takes more than a willingness to overcome your differences. It’s also essential to back up your compromises with formal agreements. Your ability to draft a legally valid separation document is the key to ensuring that your hard negotiating work pays off.

At Burns Law Group, PC, our lawyers make it their business to help you use the law to your advantage. Discover what alternative dispute resolution has to offer by calling our Canton, Georgia, legal mediators at 770-956-1400, or get in touch with us via our online contact form.

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