Prenuptial Agreements

More than ever, engaged couples are choosing to conclude prenuptial agreements. These documents can protect the rights of both parties and give them confidence as they enter into their marriages. They are particularly useful in ensuring the inheritance rights of children from previous marriages. A prenuptial agreement can even strengthen a marriage by removing potential sources of conflict.

At Burns Law Group, PC, in Canton, we provide a complete range of services regarding prenuptial agreements (also called premarital agreements). For an affordable fee, we can:

  • Draft a prenuptial agreement
  • Review a proposed agreement
  • Provide an opinion regarding an existing agreement

We also provide the same types of services regarding postnuptial agreements.

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Four Things To Remember About Prenuptial Agreements

To be valid under Georgia law, a prenuptial agreement must meet the following conditions. If any one of these conditions is not met, the court could rule the agreement invalid.

  1. Separate lawyers — Each party should have his or her own lawyer. This will avoid any conflict of interest.
  2. Sufficient review time — Both parties must have sufficient time in advance of the wedding date to review the proposed agreement. Don’t wait until the last minute to speak with a lawyer.
  3. Full disclosure — Both parties must fully disclose all of their assets and debts.
  4. Lack of duress and coercion — The agreement must be freely agreed to, without pressure, duress or threats.

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