Protecting Futures By Helping Families Modify Child Custody And Visitation Orders

The bond you share with your children is fragile. It’s up to you to take a proactive role in the legal affairs that define your ability to be a good parent. Shouldn’t child custody and visitation orders work for you instead of making life harder?

The attorneys of Burns Law Group, PC, concentrate on family law to ensure that your parenting arrangements serve your best interests. Our family law lawyers have spent decades refining their practice skills, and we firmly believe that every family deserves established, informed representation that demystifies the complex legal system. We’re proud to apply our knowledge to challenging cases in Canton and the rest of Georgia on a daily basis.

The Hurdles To Modifying Custody And Visitation Orders

When you first obtain a visitation or custody order, you may have to fight a hard legal battle. Furthermore, courts tend to shy away from modifying existing arrangements due to the potential disruptions that such changes can introduce into a child’s life. Such high standards are designed to protect your children’s best interests, but they don’t always prove practical in the face of challenges like

  • Changing employment statuses
  • Necessary or voluntary relocations
  • Medical emergencies

Although many parents feel that their evolving circumstances necessitate custody and visitation order modifications, the courts demand that you prove your case. Our attorneys work to help you fulfill the burden of proof required for family courts to consider your request seriously. By guiding Georgia families through the process of submitting new parenting plans, we help them demonstrate that modifications would provide children with better home environments and developmental opportunities.

Helping You Build A Petition That Holds Up

Visitation and custody order change requests aren’t always straightforward. Georgia courts consider numerous factors, including the parenting preferences of children above the age of 11, the living situations of siblings and whether either parent is a military service member. Filing a successful petition demands careful consideration of the realities of each case.

Every attorney at Burns Law Group, PC, is dedicated to helping you ease the modification request process. Separation is hard enough, and we don’t believe you should have to experience further ordeals just to provide the best for your children. Talk to one of our lawyers at 770-956-1400 — or contact us online — to discuss modifying your custody or visitation order today.

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