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When does substance abuse affect child custody?

As a parent, you will always want to do whatever is in your power in order to protect your child. Usually, young children spend every day and night with you as a biological parent; however, when biological parents are seperated, it can mean that the child splits his or her time between each parent. While this is done to ensure that the child has a strong bond with each parent, you might worry that the other parent is not responsible, and that you are not able to protect your child from harm at all times.

How to enforce child support in Georgia

When a child support order is made in the state of Georgia, the obligation for the parent to pay his or her child support order becomes legally enforceable. However, it can still be very challenging to force a person to pay his or her child support payments when he or she simply refuses to do so or when he or she makes excuses.

The importance of a neutral custody exchange location

Exchanging custody of your children in Canton, Georgia, is never easy. No one wants to say goodbye to their child when they have to go spend time with their other parent. No matter how many times you do this, it doesn't get any easier. That's why you need to choose a neutral location for the exchange, especially if you don't have a good relationship with the other parent.

Can I withhold visitation for unpaid child support?

With certain rights come certain responsibilities. This is no different when it comes to being a parent. When a person is legally established as the parent of a child, he or she has the right to visitation, so long as he or she does not present any threat or danger to the child. At the same time, if the parent has a significant income, he or she also has the responsibility to provide financially for his or her child.

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